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The Professional BioImpedance Analyzer & Impedance Spectroscopy & Electrical Impedance Tomography





Technology Applications

Body Water Analysis

Segmental ECW/TBW: monitor fluid distribution

Phase angle: is a good indicator of cellular integrity

Dry Weight: used to guide fluid removal during outpatient hemodialysis sessions

Electrical Impedance Tomography

Respiratory monitor , Pulmonary Monitor: Regional ventilation delay ,Setting the right positive end-expiratory pressure

Impedance Mammograph: locate such tumours in the obtained images of breast

Diagnose Cancer

Impedance Spectroscopy

Apex Locator: determine the position of the apical constriction and thus determine the length of the root canal space

Impedance Cardiograph: can approximate stroke volume

Plethysmography: measures changes in volume

Subcutaneous & Skin Analysis

Our Technology

Impedance is measured by applying a small electric current electrodes and picking up the resulting small voltage with another pair of electrodes: The lower the voltage the lower the tissue impedance for a given current.

Tissue consists of cells and membranes, and membranes are thin but have a high resistivity and do electrically behave as small capacitors. By using high measuring frequencies the current passes right through these capacitors, and the result is dependent on tissue and liquids both inside and outside the cells. At low frequencies, however, the membranes impede current flow, and the results are dependent only on liquids outside the cells.

Our New Buisinness Line

Providing personalized diet and exercise program services in gyms and public places.We will publish more information on this in the future

“Impedance is electric language of nature”

Mohsen Shahbazi

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